Future of Crypto Trading, Hybrid Exchanges, and GRVT

Future of Crypto Trading, Hybrid Exchanges, and GRVT

The recent collapse of large exchanges has sent shockwaves throughout the crypto trading community, shedding light on the vulnerabilities of centralized exchanges and the pressing issue of counterparty risk. While this risk is not unique to the crypto market and is prevalent even in traditional financial institutions, the nascent and rapidly growing nature of the crypto industry makes it a fundamental problem to address. As we still experience the ripple effects of the various exchange debacles, it becomes increasingly evident that robust solutions are needed to safeguard traders and investors from potential losses due to counterparty failures.

In the quest for a secure and efficient trading environment, various innovative approaches have emerged to tackle counterparty risk. Triparty and off-exchange multi-party computation (MPC) solutions are among the alternatives that promise to enhance security and mitigate risk. These ideas hold potential, but they come with their own set of limitations. Triparty and MPC solutions involve the participation of a third party, introducing additional complexities and potential counterparty risks. Furthermore, these solutions may not be readily accessible or user-friendly for retail traders, limiting their widespread adoption.

Amidst this backdrop of evolving solutions, one concept that has garnered attention is that of the hybrid exchange — a novel approach that integrates the security of blockchain technology with the efficiency of central exchanges. The idea has been around for years, but no exchange has been able to master it truly. However, it is increasingly evident that a well-executed hybrid exchange can be the ultimate solution to the current problems of counterparty risk and inefficiencies.

Who Are We, GRVT

At GRVT, we are driven by a bold vision to revolutionize the crypto trading landscape. As layer 2 and hyperchain technologies continue to advance, we believe the true form of a hybrid exchange is finally within reach. Our mission is to create a seamless integration of self-custody and trading, empowering users with complete control of their assets while eliminating the risks associated with traditional exchanges.

Our Approach to the Hybrid Exchange

Unlike traditional exchanges, which often require users to relinquish control of their assets, GRVT’s hybrid exchange model offers next-generation trading for its users. We understand that security and efficiency are paramount in today’s fast-paced market, and that’s why we have meticulously crafted a platform that delivers on both fronts. At GRVT, we believe that this hybrid approach is the future of crypto trading, and it is built upon three foundational pillars:

Off-chain Orderbook On-chain Settlement: GRVT leverages the power of blockchain technology to ensure secure and immutable settlements. While the orderbook is run off-chain for seamless trading experiences, actual payments are executed on-chain, providing unmatched security and transparency.

Self-Custody Trading: In today’s fast-paced market, counterparty risk concerns traders and investors alike. GRVT eliminates this risk by enabling self-custody trading through blockchain technology. With GRVT, traders have complete control over their assets, significantly reducing the chances of losses due to exchange failures.

User-Centric Approach: GRVT believes crypto trading should be accessible to all, regardless of expertise. Our user-friendly interface simplifies the trading process, empowering both seasoned traders and newcomers to participate in the digital asset revolution confidently.

Building the Right Hybrid Exchange

At GRVT, we are committed to building a hybrid exchange that truly addresses the needs of our clients. We understand that success in this domain requires a holistic approach, and we aim to offer seven unique features to create a successful exchange:

Self-Custody: At GRVT, we empower traders to take full control of their assets with self-custody trading. By enabling self-custody powered by private L2 Validium ZKSync AppChain, we ensure that traders retain ownership of their assets, reducing the vulnerability to potential exchange failures. With GRVT, you can trade with peace of mind, knowing that your assets are safe and under your direct control.

Trading Privacy: GRVT employs Validium technology and zero-knowledge proofs to ensure that trading data remains private from the public, safeguarding traders’ strategies and positions.

Efficient Trading: Our highly efficient central limit order book operates off-chain, ensuring lightning-fast order execution and minimal latency. GRVT achieves over 600,000 trade per second of order matching and offers under two milliseconds of latency, providing a competitive edge for our users.

Low Fee & Zero Gas Trading: GRVT offers highly competitive taker and maker trading fees in the industry, accompanied by gas-free trading that eliminates additional charges.

Capital Efficiency: Our smart and efficient margin model leverages portfolio margin, optimizing capital utilization for traders. Maximize margin efficiency with GRVT’s market-leading model, enabling cross-margining across options and futures, optimizing margin utilization.

KYC & Compliance: We abide by international compliance requirements, ensuring KYC and AML standards are rigorously followed. Traders can execute their strategies seamlessly while adhering to regulatory guidelines, providing a safe and compliant trading environment.

Multilevel Security: GRVT offers heightened security combining web 2 and web 3 controls, incorporating password checks, two-factor authentication, wallet private key controls, and smart contract safeguards.

Full Suite of Derivatives Trading

GRVT’s hybrid exchange offers a full suite of derivatives trading instruments and services to cater to traders’ diverse needs:

Perpetual Orderbook: Trade perpetual contracts with ease on GRVT’s platform, taking advantage of our efficient and secure hybrid exchange model.

Options Orderbook: GRVT offers options orderbook trading. With deep liquidity across different expiry times and delta for options on major tokens, it’s a straightforward way to engage in the crypto market, whether you’re experienced or new to trading options.

RFQ Trading for Options Combos and Structures: GRVT offers Request for Quote (RFQ) trading for derivatives combinations and structures, allowing customized strategies tailored to individual preferences.

Join the GRVT Revolution

At GRVT, we believe that the future of crypto trading lies in a hybrid exchange that combines the best of both worlds. As the industry seeks transformative solutions in the aftermath of the FTX fallout, our journey has just begun, and we invite you to stay connected with us on Twitter and Telegram for the latest updates and progress. Together, we’ll navigate the market’s complexities, building a thriving ecosystem founded on trust, security, and efficiency. Welcome to the GRVT revolution.

About GRVT

GRVT is the pioneering hybrid cryptocurrency exchange (HEX) at the forefront of traditional finance and blockchain integration. Our platform offers 100% self-custody, giving you full control over your wallets and private keys. Institutional and retail investors can say goodbye to counterparty risk. With a user-friendly interface, privacy-enabled trading, and lightning-fast order matching, we’re here to offer you a rewarding trading journey. Our optimized margin models ensure capital efficiency while strict compliance and top-notch security protect your assets. Backed by prominent traders and industry leaders, we invite you to join us on this exciting path to the future of crypto derivatives trading.

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