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About US

Rethinking the way we trade crypto

Our pioneering hybrid exchange (HEX) uses zk-powered volition technology to separate exchange and custody functions, eliminating counterparty risk and putting you in full control of your assets.
EXPLORE our vision
EXPLORE our vision

Perpetuals and options optimized

Efficiently trade with our high-performance perpetual and options order book. Plus, seamlessly execute combos and block trades with our intuitive RFQ trading feature.

The best of centralized and decentralized finance

Trading Privacy
Trustless Margin Management
High TPS
KYC &AML Compliant
Full Derivatives Offering
Web2 &Web 3 Security
Centralized Exchange
Hybrid Exchange (GRVT)
Decentralized Exchange
Explore OUR TRADING features Explore our trading features

Backed By Industry Leaders. Trusted By Traders

“In the wake of FTX we need an institutional and retail trading venue that doesn’t have access to user funds while providing a leading derivatives trading experience. GRVT aims to meld the throughput and user experience of a centralized exchange with the self-custody nature of a DEX to trade options and perpetuals.”

Tom Shaughnessy

“GRVT is leading the way in the evolution of CeFi and DeFi platforms by solving for fundamental industry challenges like counterparty risk and client confidentiality. As a major market maker in derivatives, we are excited for their journey to bring greater capital efficiency and security for crypto investors.”

Darius Sit
Founder &CIO

"GRVT offers a next generation experience for retail and institutional investors by combining self-custody with a state of the art trading platform. We 're excited to build along side them to fulfill their vision of achieving fully automated and trustless financial markets "

Shiliang Tang
Founder &CIO

"GRVT has a rare combination of a strong and diversified team along with an idea that will execute well in a post FTX world. We believe that the team has what it takes to gain market share and achieve significant adoption in the near future."

David Cai
General Partner

GRVT 's approach of merging centralized trading infrastructure with blockchain settlements and smart-contract driven margin management significantly reduces the counterparty risks encountered on other centralized exchanges, making it a secure and reliable derivatives trading venue.

Kyle Song
Founder of Albatross Labs

Frequently asked questions

GRVT  bridges the gap between CeFi and DeFi by combining the benefits of both  worlds. On the CeFi side, GRVT offers a centralized trading platform with  high throughput, efficient order book trading, and a user-friendly interface.  On the DeFi side, GRVT incorporates self-custody and blockchain technology to  ensure secure and trustless trading, separating settlement and trading  functions. This hybrid approach brings together the best of both CeFi and  DeFi, providing users with a seamless and innovative trading experience.
GRVT  offers two margin models: Standard Margin and Portfolio Margin, which  includes Cross Margin. The Portfolio Margin model utilizes the SPAN (Standard  Portfolio Analysis of Risk) methodology to calculate margin requirements,  providing traders with comprehensive risk management. It also incorporates  intermarket hedging, allowing traders to strategically offset positions  across correlated markets for enhanced risk control and potential  profitability. With these margin models, GRVT optimizes margin utilization  and empowers traders with flexible and efficient margin management solutions.
To  start trading on the GRVT platform, simply create an account by setting a  password and undergo the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process. You  can then choose to connect your existing wallet or create a default GRVT web  wallet. The onboarding experience is designed to be user-friendly and  familiar, resembling that of a centralized exchange. Once your account is set  up, you can conveniently deposit USDC (USD Coin) from your wallet on the  platform roll-up and begin trading.
GRVT  employs the Validium scaling solution that publishes zero-knowledge proofs on  Ethereum of transactions that users have to sign with their wallets on GRVT’s Validium chain. This provides cryptographic guarantees that the  operator of the chain cannot utilize user funds locked in the Validium chain.
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