GRVT Features Overview

GRVT Features Overview

Whether you are in your first month of crypto or a seasoned institutional trader, GRVT is a comprehensive solution for secure, user-friendly, and advanced cryptocurrency trading. Our hybrid exchange model is built on three foundational pillars: simplicity, safety, and scalability. These three values drive the features that we are building. 

How GRVT simplifies trading

Unlike decentralized exchanges (DEXs), the transition to GRVT is set to be more seamless. The trading experience is streamlined to ensure ease of use without sacrificing features. Our platform is tailored to simplify trading with these key features:

  1. Duo Trading Modes: GRVT’s upcoming ‘Simple Mode’ ensures traders an easy and efficient trading experience. For greater control and detail, switch to 'Professional Mode’. Regardless of the mode chosen, the platform maintains a user-friendly interface without sacrificing essential functions.
  2. Effortless Withdrawal and Deposit: Traders can securely deposit funds from external wallets or exchanges and withdraw to pre-approved 'whitelisted' wallets, ensuring smooth and secure asset management.
Manage funds under ‘Account Management’
  1. One-Click Trading: With just one click, beginner traders can access and execute sophisticated product and option combinations. GRVT is building a curated library of strategies to further simplify complex trading decisions, presented in a simple strategy view that is enabled by session keys. 
With session keys, users do not have to use their main key for every trade.
  1. GRVT Wallet: Our exchange offers the option to create a self-custodial embedded wallet simply using an email. No complex setup is needed, such as handling private keys, providing a stress-free management of your assets.
Register to the self-custodial GRVT wallet 

Safety Measures in GRVT Trading

Withdrawing funds from an exchange amid FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt) is more than a hassle. GRVT’s tech design prioritizes safety and privacy by combining self-custody with advanced privacy measures, multi-layered security, and flexible account management.

  1. Self-Custody Trading: GRVT emphasizes trader control over assets, not exchange control. To achieve this, our platform separates custody and trading functions, ensuring 100% control for traders. GRVT incorporates Validium technology on zkSync to prevent our exchange from stealing users’ funds. Validium is similar to zero-knowledge rollup, except that the data is held off-chain. This means that on GRVT’s platform, your balance information is privately stored off-chain. It helps safeguard your funds in the event of exchange-related issues.
  2. On-chain Privacy: On-chain trading exposes a trader’s information to everyone, which is suboptimal for sensitive institutional transactions. Validium technology is used to ensure privacy for on-chain trading data, preventing exploitation by potential market manipulators.
  3. Multi-layered Security: GRVT safeguards traders with a mix of Web2 and Web3 security tools, securing accounts through passwords, two-factor authentication, and private keys.
  4. Role-Based Access Control: For institutional firms, GRVT allows easy assignment of varying access levels to team members. This feature ensures both flexibility and security in managing your accounts.
Manage role-based access under ‘Account Management’ for institutional users

GRVT’s Scalability Advantage

For high-frequency traders, every trade counts. GRVT makes trading faster and more cost-effective with multiple capabilities and functions. 

  1. Ultra-Fast Order Book: Our platform is able to execute 600,000 trades per second with a single-digit millisecond delay by integrating off-chain order book matching with on-chain settlements.
  2. Zero Gas Fees: During peak trading, gas fees may surge, increasing costs for traders. GRVT mitigates this by providing gas-free order functions, enabling cost savings and efficient trading in volatile markets.
  3. Maximized Capital Efficiency: Traders can boost their trading effectiveness with GRVT’s advanced margin model. By using portfolio and cross-margining to optimize capital, you can strike a balance between risk and maximizing potential returns.
Adjust strategies for margin trading under ‘Margin mode’
  1. Advanced Order Types: Traders can enhance their trading potential with GRVT’s sophisticated order types, including stop loss and take profit. These features empower traders to execute intricate strategies, effectively manage risk, and capitalize on market opportunities.

What’s in store 

The above trading features are simply the beginning for GRVT. Our platform is setting a traditional bank standard with blockchain security. At the same time, we are continuously exploring and building new possibilities to onboard the next billion users. Through GRVT, all kinds of traders will be empowered with a set of next-generation tools and technologies.

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