zkSync Mystery Box Task 4 kicks off

zkSync Mystery Box Task 4 kicks off

Task 4 of our zkSync Mystery Box program has finally kicked off. 

zkSync Mystery Box Task 4: Connect your eligible wallet to GRVT and get up to 10 raffle tickets.

CAUTION for Task 4: Prevent phishing

We value our community’s safety against scams and hacks. Protect your sensitive data by verifying you are on the official GRVT site.

Key steps to take:

  1. Check for the grvt.io domain (e.g., grvt.io/about)
  2. Look for a lock symbol () or “https://” in the URL for added security. 

Important for Task 4: Wallet Connection

Users connecting to our app from wallet apps may encounter issues using OAuth.

Solution: Please open GRVT in your browser and connect your wallet, not from your wallet app. This is a restriction that Google has imposed, not GRVT. 

Task 4 Details

Your wallet must have engaged with any of these platforms between November 21, 2023, 00:00 (UTC) and February 21, 2024, 00:00 (UTC), within the last three months ending on February 20, 2024, 24:00:00 UTC.

  • Deposited to the following DEXs: dYdX, Aevo, Hyperliquid
  • Withdrawn from the following CEXs: Binance, Bybit

Raffle tickets will be given out in a tiered system: 

  • 10 tickets for transactions exceeding $500K
  • 5 tickets for transactions between $50K to $500K
  • 2 tickets for transactions between $1K and $50K

For token value calculation, the amount is cumulative. We combine the token with daily USD value everyday and sum it. 

Task 4 Transparency

Eligible networks for Task 4 are Ethereum and Arbitrum.

For DEX deposits, we track the following tokens:

  • Aevo (Arbitrum): USDC
  • Hyperliquid (Arbitrum): USDC

For CEX withdrawals, we track:

  • Binance (Ethereum): total 286 tokens
  • Bybit (Ethereum): total 113 tokens

Wallet Connection and Signing Errors

If you encounter any issues with connecting or signing your wallets, please open a support ticket in GRVT Discord to share your registered GRVT email address, account ID, and type of wallet you are using. 

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