zkSync Mystery Box Details Revealed!

zkSync Mystery Box Details Revealed!

GRVT is excited to launch the zkSync Mystery Box initiative - a dynamic rewards program designed to captivate and engage our incredible community of traders. 

Beyond just a reward mechanism, our mission is to champion inclusivity. We are committed to offering a chance for every trader, even those not usually labeled as power traders, to boost their rewards through active participation in a variety of GRVT platform activities. It is part of our wider goal to ensure fair and substantial benefits for those who contribute to GRVT’s growth and sustainability.


  • 10 Tiers of Rarity: The zkSync Mystery Box is available in 10 different rarities, with higher tiers being rarer and more rewarding.
  • Winning Boxes via Raffle: Participate in raffles to win a higher rarity Mystery Box. 
  • Earn Tickets to Enter Raffles: You need to earn Raffles Tickets to participate. You can earn more tickets by completing randomly announced tasks.
  • First Task on January 19th: The initial task to earn a raffle ticket will be released on January 19th.
  • Multiple Raffle Entries: You can enter raffles multiple times, aiming for higher rarity boxes.
  • Retain Highest Rarity Box: If you win a higher rarity box, you keep the most valuable one and forfeit the lower rarity box, continuing your participation in future raffles.
  • Final Reward: Your ultimate Mystery Box reward is based on the box's rarity and the total GRVT points you've earned. You can claim the reward by opening the zkSync Mystery Box post mainnet. Exact date to claim the reward will be announced later. 

What’s in store for you

Our zkSync Mystery Box boasts 10 different rarities. As rarity levels climb, the surprises become even more exclusive and rewarding. Whether you are aiming for the highest-tier Legendary II or a low-tier Common II, each promises a distinctive reward waiting to be revealed. Your ultimate Mystery Box reward is a fusion of the box’s rarity and the total GRVT points you have earned. 

Mystery Box Reward Formula

Mystery Box Rarity

The percentage of boxes stays constant, ensuring that your chances of scoring various tier boxes remain unchanged even as the user count grows. More boxes will be added accordingly with the growing number of registered users. 

How to participate

Win Boxes via Raffle Draws

Secure a Mystery Box by participating in raffles through the GRVT reward dashboard. To enter a raffle, you will need a raffle ticket. The more tickets you have, the more raffles you can enter. By joining more draws, you can tilt the odds in your favor of uncovering the rarest Mystery Boxes. 

Complete Tasks for Raffle Tickets

Snatching up raffle tickets is set to be a seamless and interactive experience. Brace yourself for randomly announced tasks on our Twitter and Discord channels. From inviting friends to sharing your trading screens, the quest will keep you on your toes. 

Each task unlocks a specific number of raffle tickets, with 1 ticket equaling 1 draw. The probability of drawing boxes remains unaffected by trading volume - it’s all a captivating game of randomness! Keep in the loop by tracking tasks and their ticket counts effortlessly through the GRVT reward dashboard. 

The first set of tasks will be revealed on 19th January, so stay tuned!

Trade Up Your Boxes

The excitement does not end with a single win. If you snag a Mystery Box of a higher tier, it automatically replaces any lower-tier box you have, elevating your potential rewards. It is a trading game like no other, where your strategy and engagement level determine your success. 

Ultimate Reward Awaits

The grand reveal of your final Mystery Box awaits post mainnet, promising an experience you will not forget. Follow us on Twitter, Discord and Telegram as the exact date to claim the reward will be announced later.

Unbox the unexpected, trade strategically, and let the anticipation unfold - it’s all part of the experience. Join us on this thrilling journey with the GRVT zkSync Mystery Box!



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