Introducing GRVT Meme Contest

Introducing GRVT Meme Contest

We are holding GRVT’s first-ever meme content competition. Members of the GRVT community will have the opportunity to earn raffle tickets for the zkSync Mystery Box by creating memes on this prompt: 

What do you think best represents who we are as GRVT?


  • Competition will run from February 5 to February 14, ending at 12:00am UTC. 
  • Entries should be posted on your Twitter with #GRVTMeme
  • Meme post Twitter link submitted on our entry form 
  • 22 raffle tickets are up for grabs, divided into First, Second, and Third place winners
  • Results will be announced on February 16. 
  • Remember, the purpose of this competition is to educate on GRVT’s brand
  • Viral, funny, and creative memes to be rewarded extra points during our judging stage


Final submissions must be made before February 14th by 12:00 am UTC through our entry form.

Results will be announced one week later, on February 16th, on GRVT’s blog, Twitter, and Discord. Winners will be notified directly via Twitter or Discord. 

Entries may be made in any digital medium (image, gif, video, etc.) - we have no preferences. We believe that it is best for creators to choose their ideal form for the submitted content. If a gif or video is chosen, it should last no more than 15 seconds.


The topic of this contest will be on: What do you think best represents GRVT? 

Content can incorporate our brand visuals, HEX model, current UI features, and tech infrastructure - it’s all up to you!

How to submit entry

  1. If you haven’t, sign up to the GRVT waitlist. Lucky winners will be able to collect their rewards there.
  2. Follow GRVT on Twitter
  3. Post your meme entry on your Twitter with the hashtag: #GRVTMeme
  4. Join GRVT’s Discord and go to the #grvt-meme-contest channel.
  5. Click on the Google Form attached to the announcement post to submit your entry.
  6. Follow GRVT’s Twitter and Discord for updates on the results. 

Important rules

  1. Participants can submit multiple entries but only have one chance to win the prize. Multiple entries do not mean higher chances of winning. 
  2. The meme should not contain any external links. 
  3. No NSFW memes. Let’s keep it respectful. 
  4. GRVT will not be responsible for any copyright infringement. 
  5. Unnecessary spam or bots will lead to a ban on Discord.
  6. Content that damages the reputation of GRVT will be disqualified. 


The total amount competitors will receive in the contest will be 22 raffle tickets, with rewards being split into 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners as well as honorable mentions. Each will receive the following:

  • First Place: 10 raffle tickets
  • Second Place: 7 raffle tickets
  • Third Place: 5 raffle ticket
  • 5 honorable mentions: 2 each

The raffle tickets will be sent to the winners’ registered wallet address or email within one week of results being revealed. You can view your rewards on your GRVT reward dashboard

Terms and Conditions Apply

  1. We will contact the winners via Twitter or Discord, so please don't change your handles until the winners are announced. 
  2. Winners will need to confirm their registered email or wallet address. Our team will never ask you for any other information or any amount of money.
  3. If a winner doesn't respond within 3 days after the contest has ended, they will not be eligible for the reward. Another winner will be chosen from the rest of the participants.


GRVT will evaluate all submitted entries based on the guidelines mentioned above. Our team will also judge based on the following criteria:

  • Clarity: Is the meme content easy to understand?
  • Creativity: Does the meme content showcase originality in ideas or presentation?
  • Utility: To what extent does the meme content contribute to educating the GRVT community?
  • Understanding: Does the submission show a clear understanding of the prompt? 

Our team will assess each submitted content in relation to other entries. GRVT holds absolute discretion in determining the winners.  

We look forward to rewarding users who have a strong grasp of GRVT’s brand for creating educational content for newcomers. Additionally, we hope this competition will spark discussions around some of the more complex concepts related to GRVT.

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